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#57 Creating a Cult Following and Spending Less Money on Advertising with CEO and Founder of Cult Collective, Chris Kneeland

On today’s episode, I have Chris Kneeland, the founder and CEO of Cult Collective.

Cult is one of North America’s premier engagement marketing firms and they help companies embrace proven marketing principles that Chris discovered while working with the most iconic cult-like brands on the planet. He co-founded Cult in 2010 and has consulted with Harley-Davidson, Zappos, Best Buy, Keurig, and many more. Prior to founding Cult, Chris has held marketing roles at John Deere and Home Depot

Chris and I cover his story, how to fix your marketing from the inside out, both figuratively and literally. We talk about companies that saturate the market with their ad spends but don’t create memorable products or services and ultimately fail in the long run (and how not to become like them)

Lastly, and most importantly, we cover how powerful combining emotion with rationality is when building a business, and the 8 principles of creating a cult following

I highly recommend this episode – you will love it!

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