TEDxLakeland: Healthy eating isn’t just about the food!

Jared Graybeal’s passion for healthy eating led to his founding a company devoted to helping people enjoy eating healthier. In this talk, he shares some personal experiences that motivate him, as well as some hacks for changing how we eat. Jared Graybeal is a nutrition and fitness expert, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for healthy living […]

How a local meal prep company grew to $2MM in less than three years

Having more than nine years professional experience in the health and wellness industry, Jared Graybeal, CEO of Superfit Foods, saw the need for a meal prep service that could not only address convenience but better health. Founded in May 2015 in Lakeland, Fl, Jared started Superfit Foods, a healthy meal prep company whose mission is […]

Check out Jared’s Real Men Wear Pink Page

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at https://secure.acsevents.org/site/STR/RMWP/RMWPCY19SER?px=51079616&pg=personal&fr_id=94261 Why I Wear PinkAny opportunity I have to help others and make an impact in the community I will take advantage of!  Besides, pink doesn’t look bad on me! About MeI am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Behavioral Change Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist with an education in Marketing and […]

SuperFit Foods Signs a One Year Yoga Partnership with Yoga 4 Change

via https://www.y4c.org/news/2019/5/6/superfit-foods-signs-a-one-year-yoga-partnership-with-yoga-4-change JACKSONVILLE, FL – Founded in Jacksonville, FL in 2014, Yoga 4 Change (Y4C) will expand to three Florida cities this year with an emphasis on the opioid crisis. With the expansion comes a lot of growth and goals, quantitative and qualitative, and action around sustainability in Jacksonville. For the past year, Y4C has […]

MONEY Stay Up & Save: How to get in shape on a budget

https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/money/stay-up-and-save-fitness/77-3227c57f-1943-4056-b61d-56851f0829e9 You could wait for gym membership deals at the beginning of the year, or you can get ahead with these tips and tricks to staying fit for cheap. With the new year just around the corner, you know people will be changing up their lifestyles and joining gyms for resolution season, which is a […]

Clay Today | Fined, Faith and Food

Jared Graybeal grew up in a low income, single parent home with limited choices. An active student, not athletic, he did excel in school and achieved a full college scholarship. Then things started going downhill. In the summer of 2012, he was caught, found guilty, fined and went to jail for possession of illegal substances. […]

deliMarket | More Than a Meal Prep Company: Superfit Foods Focuses on Economic Development

Since launching Superfit Foods in 2015, small business owner and TEDx speaker Jared Graybeal has grown his health and wellness company to $2MM in annual revenue in less than three years. In addition to the impressive revenue accomplishments, Superfit Foods currently employs 21 and is continually adding personnel to its Lakeland and Jacksonville locations in efforts to contribute […]

16Agency | Eating Right w/ Jared Graybeal

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Jared is the CEO of Superfit Foods, e3 Business Solutions and the co-founder of Meal Prep Tech – his mission in life is to encourage, educate and empower others to live a fulfilling and impact life. When we say eating right w/ Jared Graybeal, we mean eating in the form nutrition and in the form […]

Lakeland company creates culture of wellness

Jared Graybeal has a body as deep as some people are wide. He is solid — maybe negative 3 percent body fat — and, if he stands still enough, he legitimately looks like a Grecian bronze statue. Jared Graybeal has a body as deep as some people are wide. He is solid — maybe negative […]