5 Practical, Life-Changing Time Management Tips

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In the digital era we live in, where everything we want is at the tip of our fingers, many leaders still have a major struggle when it comes to reaching their goals: time management A ton of studies and evidence shows that the feeling of having enough time — which is called, “time affluence” — […]

Here’s 31 things I’ve learned in My 31 Years

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Another year in the books! *DM me on Instagram for context if you’re interested  1. Pray like everything depends on God, but work like everything depends on me 2. Time is more valuable than money, and energy is more valuable than time 3. Dream big but be okay with starting small. The paper plane came […]


This is the longer version of a post I made on Instagram not too long ago.. The week of October 19th was a rough one, to say the least For a little context, in March, due to COVID, we were inspired to start doing home delivery throughout Northeast Florida. For the first few weeks, I […]

The Case for Journaling: 13 proven benefits and how to get started

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Journaling is a lot like exercise – there’s countless benefits and tons of different ways to do it. In this article, I’ll define journaling, outline 13 proven benefits, and explain how easy it is to get started.  What is journaling? Simple… journaling is sitting down and writing (or typing) your thoughts, feelings or observations.  Most […]

The Value of Serendipity (in Business and Innovation)

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What is Serendipity? A fortunate happenstance, divine intervention, or more plainly, the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. What is its value in Business? Serendipity helps you create unplanned and unintended, but remarkable innovative value by taking advantage of unanticipated, unexpected and unsought information and make accidental discoveries. In the world of […]

The Perfect Meeting

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If I were teaching this to an audience and asked for a show of hands on how many people want less meetings at their work, chances are 90% would raise their hand. The issue is: meetings are necessary. For a few crucial reasons: Social interaction – whether you work for a small business or a […]


Linkedin Learning, which is an online educational platform, recently identified creativity as the #1 soft skill needed in 2020. (1) Additionally, creativity was found to be the second-most in-demand skill in the world, with cloud computing as #1. But cloud computing is considered to be a hard skill, which means it applied to a specific […]

Ownership Mentality

How do you perform at the highest level within an organization (or really in any scenario in life)?  Act and think like an owner.. The highest performing employee for any organization, especially in small businesses or small teams, is usually the owner (with the exception of irresponsible or immature leaders). Why is that? Because every […]

5 Ways to Lead Through Crisis

1. Remember: You’ve made it this far When I was 18, shortly after I graduated high school, I spent 2 months in jail and then 2 years on house arrest.  When I got out of jail, it was hard enough to get a good job with a criminal record, but this was also the end […]

18 Things to Do While on Quarantine

1. Catch up… – With friends – With family – With your low priority work or projects I use the apps Marco Polo and Fabriq to stay up to date and in touch with all my friends and family regularly.  2. Learn to paint A buddy of mine recently told me about Paint By Numbers, […]